Located more than 100km from Ho Chi Minh City and more than 20km from Ho Chi Minh City's Hoa Binh City, Cao Phong District, Hoa Binh Province, Thung Nai is an interesting destination for many young people interested in exploring. , And of the collective
Thung Nai Tourism - Hoa Binh Hydropower 2 days 1 night
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- 2 Days
Price: $ 100
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Day 1

Morning: Hanoi-Hoa Binh

         Visiting Hoa Binh Hydropower, Uncle Ho's monument and memorial house. Visiting Hoa Binh Hydropower Plant, everyone would like to light an incense stick at the foot of Uncle Ho statue on Ong Tuong Mountain. The white stone monument stands in the midst of the water of the Da river.

  The scenery of this place is really a nostalgic destination for those who love to explore the rich, romantic nature.

10h45: Thung Nai Port welcomes visitors. The small boat to wave tourists to the small Thung Nai River located on the romantic Da River. On the scattered island side of the mountain, three Muong houses are hidden behind the green peaks.

11h: Group rest and lunch at Green Island with specialties in the Peace Lake

15h: Guests are free to explore the Green Island; Fishing, sailing or bathing, photography with national costumes. Prepare camp fire program

          Afternoon view beautiful sunset

19h30: Dinner with strange and delicious dishes such as grilled fish, chicken, pig by the farm and animal husbandry.

21h00: The camp fire, dance booths and collective games are filled with laughter that you can not ignore. Or sing karaoke exchanges of arts.

24h: Stay overnight at Green Island

Day 2

Morning: Get up early to watch the sunrise at 5am, breakfast is prepared with hot chicken porridge cooked in the way of the native Dao.

         After breakfast, depart for the boat to visit the Temple of Waterfalls of the Muong and Dao, the temple is the most sacred of the people in the heart of the lake.

       Visiting Thac Bo cave: large gate, inside contains many stalactites were formed over many years, scenic majestic with the statue statues, where the statue of Tathagata Buddha and her high Quan Yin Buddha Over 20m.

         Continue to walk the lake through the fish cages, watching the small island ... ..

     Entrance to Suoi Trach Waterfall: An ideal natural spring bath with clear, cool water, who can come here in the summer can not be ignored.

12h00: Back to Green Island, lunch is ready to invite you.

     After lunch, the delegation rest and luggage luggage to the ship back to Thung Nai

15h00: You board the car to Hanoi.

17h00: Car bring you back to the original pick. End program.